Fall 2014 Sites

To register your daughter for the Fall 2014 Season click HERE.
The fall season starts the week of  September 1, 2014 and ends with the 5k on November 16th.


Site Name
Day #1
Time #1
Day #2
Time #2
Anderson Elementary, WichitaTuesday4:20-5:45Thursday4:20-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Andover Community CenterMonday5:45-7:00Wednesday5:45-7:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Andover Community CenterTuesday5:45-7:00Thursday5:45-7:00GOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
Benton ElementaryTuesday 4:20-5:20Thursday4:20-5:20GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Blessed Sacrament Catholic SchoolMonday3:30-5:00Wednesday3:30-5:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Buckner Performing Arts and Science MagnetTuesday4:30-5:45Thursday4:30- 5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Cessna ElementaryMonday4:30-5:45Wednesday4:30-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Cheney Middle SchoolTo Be DeterminedTo Be DeterminedTo Be DeterminedTo Be DeterminedGOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
Christa McAuliffe AcademyMonday3:30-5:00Wednesday3:30-5:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Cleaveland Traditional MagnetTuesday4:30-6:00Thursday4:30-6:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Cloud ElementaryMonday4:30-5:45Wednesday4:30-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Colvin Recreation CenterMonday4:30-6:00Wednesday4:30-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Colvin Recreation CenterTuesday5:30-7:00Thursday5:30-7:00GOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
Derby Middle SchoolTuesday3:15-4:45Thursday3:15-4:45GOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
Earhart Environmental MagnetTuesday4:20-5:50Thursday4:20-5:50GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Enders Open MagnetTuesday4:25-5:45Thursday425-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Evergreen Recreation CenterTuesday5:30-7:00Thursday5:30-7:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Evergreen Recreation CenterMonday5:30-7:00Wednesday5:30-7:00GOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
Gardiner ElementaryMonday4:30-5:45Wednesday4:30-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet Monday3:30 - 5:00Wednesday3:30 - 5:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Immanuel Baptist ChurchTuesday6:00-7:30Thursday6:00-7:30GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Irving ElementaryTuesday4:30-5:45Thursday4:30-5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Kensler Elementary SchoolTuesday4:20-5:50Thursday4:20-5:50GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
L'Ouverture Career Explorations and Technology MagnetMonday4:00-5:15Wednesday4:00-5:15GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Maize CentralMonday4:15-5:45Wednesday3:45-5:15GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Maize CentralTuesday4:30-6:00Thursday4:30-6:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Ortiz ElementaryTuesday4:15 - 5:45Thursday4:15 - 5:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Peterson ElementaryTuesday4:20-5:50Thursday4:20-5:50GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Prairie Creek ElementaryMonday4:00-5:15Wednesday4:00-5:15GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Resurrection Catholic SchoolTuesday3:30-4:45Thursday3:30-4:45GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Robinson Middle School Monday 3:45-5:00Wednesday3:45-5:00GOT (Grades 6th - 8th)
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic SchoolTuesday3:45-5:00Wednesday3:45-5:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
St. Mark ElementaryMonday4-5:30pmWednesday4-5:30pmGOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
St. Peter Catholic SchoolTuesday3:30-5:00Thursday3:30-5:00GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
West Elementary, Valley CenterMonday3:45-5:15Wednesday3:45-5:15GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)
WoodlandTuesday 4:20-5:50Thursday4:20-5:50GOTR (Grades 3rd - 5th)