Fall 2015 Sites

To register your daughter for the Fall 2015 Season click HERE. Registration will open on August 3rd at 8:00am.
The Fall 2015 season starts the week of  August 31  and ends with the 5k on Sunday, November 15th at 2:00. Girls MUST be able to attend both days and attend the 5k.

GradeSite nameDay #1Day #2Time 
3rd-5thAnderson ElementaryTuesdayThursday4:30-5:45Open to Anderson Students only
3rd-5thAndover Recreation DepartmentMondayWednesday 5:45-7:15Open to the community
3rd-5thAndover Recreation DepartmentTuedayThursday5:45-7:15Open to the community
3rd-5thCessna ElementaryMondayWednesday4:30-5:45Open to Cessna Students only
3rd-5thChisholm Trail ElementaryTuesdayThursday4:15-5:30Open to Chisholm Trail students only
3rd-5thCloud ElementaryMondayWednesday4:30 - 5:45Open to Cloud Students only
3rd-5thColvin Recreation CenterMondayWednesday4:30-6:00Open to the community
3rd-5thEnders Open MagnetTuesday Thursday4:45-6:15Open to Enders students only
3rd-5thEvergreen Recreation CenterTuesdayThursday5:45-7:00Open to the community
3rd-5thHorace Mann Dual Language Magnet MondaysWednesday3:20 -5:00Open to Horace Mann students only
3rd-5thImmanuel Baptist ChurchTuesdayThursday6:00-7:30Open to the community
3rd-5thIsely Traditional MagnetTuesdayThursday4:30-5:45Open to Isely Students only
6th-8thMagdalen CatholicTuesdayThursday3:30-5:00Open to Magdalen Students only
3rd-5thMagdalen Catholic School MondayWednesday3:30-5:00Open to Magdalen Students only
6th-8thMaize Middle SchoolTuesdayThursday2:45-3:15Open to any Maize Student
3rd-5thMaize Recreation CenterMondayWednesday5:30-7:00Open to the community
3rd-5thOrtiz ElementaryTuesdayThursday4:30-6:00Open to Ortiz students only
3rd-5thPeterson Elementary SchoolTuesdayThursday4:30-6:00Open to the community
3rd-6thSt. Mark TuesdayThursday4:00-5:30Open to St. Mark students only
3rd-6thSt. MarkMondayWednesday4:00-5:30Open to St. Mark students only
3rd-5thSt. PeterTuesdayThursday3:30-5:00Open to St. Peter's Students Only
3rd-5thStanley ElementaryTuesdayThursday4:30-6:00Open to Stanley Students only
6th-8thWilbur Middle SchoolMondayWednesday3:20-4:45Open to community
3rd-5thWichita Collegiate SchoolTuesdayThursday3:15-4:45Open to Collegiate Students only
3rd-5thClark Davidson, GoddardTuesdayThursday4:15-5:30Open to Clark Davidson students only
3rd-5thGammon Elem.TuesdayThursday4:30-5:45Open to Gammon students only
3rd-5thGardiner Elem.TuesdayThursday4:20-5:45Open to Gardiner students only
3rd-5thBlessed Sacrament, WichitaMondayWednesday3:30-5:00Open to Blessed Sacrament students only
3rd-5thWashington Elementary, WichitaTuesdayThursday4:30-5:45Open to Washington students only
6th-8thDerby Middle SchoolTuedayThursday3:45-5:00Open to Derby Middle School Students
3rd-5thWoodlandMondayWednesday4:15-6:00Open to Woodland students only