Spring 2014 Sites

All sites will start the week of February 24th and end with the 5k on May 10th.  Girls must attend BOTH days.

Anderson Elementary, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:20-5:45
Abilene Elem, Valley Center 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:45-5:00
Blessed Sacrament, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 3:30-5:00
Cessna, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:20-5:45
Christa McAuliffe, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 3:30-5:00
Christa McAuliffe, Wichita 6th-8th Tues/Thurs 3:30-5:00
Goddard 3rd-6th Mon/Wed 5:30-6:45
Cloud Elementary, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:30-5:45
Cleaveland, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:00
Cottonwood Elem, Andover 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:45-5:00
Clearwater 4th-6th Tues/Thurs 3:15-4:45
Derby MS, Derby 7th-8th Tues/Thurs 3:45-5:00
Enders Open Magnet 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:20-5:45
Irving, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:30-5:45
Kensler, Wichita 3rd-5th Wed/Fri 4:20-5:45
Maize Central 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:30-6:00
Maize Central 6th-8th Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:00
Ortiz, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:00
Peterson Elem, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:20-5:50
Pleasant Valley Elem, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:30-6:00
Pleasant Valley MS, Wichita 6th-8th Mon/Wed 3:30-4:45
Riverside, Wichita 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 4:30-5:45
Remington Elem, Remington 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:45-5:15
St. Marks Elem, St. Marks 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:00-5:30
St. Peter, Shulte 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:30-5:00
Stucky Middle School, Wichita 6th-8th Mon/Wed 3:30-5:00
Sunflower Elem, Andover 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 5:15-6:45
Swaney Elem, Derby 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:30-5:00
West Elem, Valley Center 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 3:45-5:15
Woodland Elem, Wichita 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 4:20-6:00
Location to be determinded 3rd-5th Tues/Thurs 6:00-7:30
Horace  Mann 3rd-5th Mon/Wed 3:30-5:00