Program Registration

Program Registration

The 10-week Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole programs are offered twice a year – in the fall and in the spring. Participants meet twice a week, usually after school, for approximately 75 – 90 minutes each practice. Both seasons culminate with a 5k event where all Girls on the Run participants throughout the Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, Saline, Sumner, Reno, and Marion County region come together to celebrate girl power.

Spring 2017 Season

  • The Spring 2017 season begins the week of February 20, 2017 and concludes Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 9:00am with the GOTR Spring!
  • Registration for the program opens Saturday January 28, 2017 at 8:00am. To register your daughter for the Spring program click HERE.
  • For a complete list of sites please visit our Locations  page.
  • Paper Registration: If you prefer to mail in a paper registration, please print and mail forms and payment to GOTR Heart of Kansas, 111 N Mosley Suite 202 Wichita, KS 67205.
  • Registrations will not be accepted if they are post marked before 1/28/2017, they will not be processed and will be mailed back to you!  Download paper registration HERE: ENGLISH FORM OR SPANISH FORM
Refund Policy
The girl’s parent/guardian (not the coach) is responsible for contacting Girls on the Run if their daughter is dropping from the program. Girls on the Run will issue a full refund if a girl drops the program by the end of the first week of practice . No refund will be issued for any cancellations after the 2nd lesson.  If a site is canceled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Director, the full registration fee will be refunded.

Attendance Policy

Girls are not allowed to attend only one session a week and should not sign up for the program if there is a known conflict. Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run curriculum, girls who are absent for more than four (4) practices during one season are in violation of the Girls on the Run attendance policy and will be dismissed from the program.

Frequently Asked Questions Scroll down to find answers to the following FAQs: How many girls are on a team? How are participants chosen? Are there fees for Girls on the Run or Girls on Track? What if a girl is unable to pay the program fee? Can my daughter participate in GOTR at another site if the program is not at her school? Can my daughter still register for the program if she can only attend one practice per week?

How many girls are on a team?

Team size is between 8 and 18 girls. The curriculum was designed for a group this size to facilitate team building and a healthy group dynamic. Fewer than eight girls and more than 15 make it difficult to provide the experience we seek to offer the girls. If a site does not have the minimum number of girls by the first practice day, parents will be notified and refunds will be given. Some sites will have more than one team, but it’s dependent upon the number of trained volunteer coaches and practice space available at the school/site.

How are participants chosen?

Girls are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis during the registration period.

Are there any fees for Girls on the Run?

Yes. View Program Fees for more details.

What if a girl is unable to pay the program fee?

Scholarships are available based on financial need.  Our goal is to never to turn a girl away for financial reasons. Any registered Girls on the Run participant is eligible for a scholarship, regardless of the program fee at her school. While assistance is awarded based on annual income and number of people living in your household, special circumstances that contribute to a request for financial assistance are certainly considered. Please know that we request all scholarship recipients to pay a portion of the program fee, however nominal that may be, so there is buy-in and a sense of pride and ownership, which helps with attendance and engagement.

Payment plans are available for those who can make payments in installments.

Can my daughter participate in GOTR at another site if the program is not at her school?

GOTR Sedgwick County aspires to deliver the program to as many girls as possible regardless of the program being offered at a girl’s school. Our policy is to allow girls to participate at a school that they do not attend if transportation is not an issue and the girl is available during the entire practice time and the school does not have policies in place that would preclude participation. They also must be grade-eligible for the program. Be aware that girls who attend the school get first preference to participate on the Girls on the Run team.

Starting the program at your school/site is also an option. Visit Setting Up a Site Packet for more information. Please be advised that site applications are due approximately three months prior to the start of the season.

Do parents attend GOTR Sessions?

No, parents do not attend GOTR sessions. We encourage parents to be involved with GOTR outside of our regularly scheduled practice by running with your daughter and helping prepare her for the 5k! 

Can my daughter still register for the program if she can only attend one practice per week?

No. It is critically important to the efficacy of the girls’ program experience that they participate in both sessions each week from a group dynamic and experiential learning process perspective and to fully train for the end-of-season 5k.