Team for 5k

Become a Super Hero to a young girl and form a TEAM!

 Show your inner strength with your outerwear! Girls who complete our program find their own inner strength, or super power, that they call upon each and every day. At the Girls on the Run 5K, we view all participants as super heroes.

Completing a 5k is an amazing accomplishment and one that is enhanced when you are supported by friends, family and colleagues. At Girls on the Run, we are all about setting goals and teamwork. In fact, the second part of the Girls on the Run curriculum focuses on team building and cooperation. In the spirit of GOTR, we invite you to form a team and join us at the Girls on the Run 5k.

As a TEAM, you will enjoy:

  • $5.00 off Entry Fees
  • Team Photograph
How do I form a team?

Step 1: Go to:


Step 2:

Click “I’d like to create a NEW team”


Step 3:

Team Type: Select “VIP Friends/Family/Cooperate” and pick Team Name 

Step 4

Fill out registration for yourself and select “This Participant is a team captain”


 Step 5:

Answer additional questions

 Step 6:

If you are going to be a running buddy and do not know the girl you will be running with just put school/site

 Step 7:

 Enter coupon code: GOTEAM (this will discount the registration $5)

*Teams must be 10 or more

*Note the discount is only for the race registration which will include a Beanie this year, not a t-shirt.  If you want to purchase an additional shirt  you will be able to do that if you would like.

Send out info to all your co-workers, friends and family members!
 Sample Flyer:   vip team captains fall 2014 

Why form a team?

  • Train together and encourage each other. A team provides great motivation to reach a personal goal and you can enjoy time with others.
  • Team participation creates great community visibility for a company or organization. Show your company/organization’s spirit at the race!
  • Make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle with your friends, family, and/or co-workers!
  • Our community 5k is not like any other, it’s a celebration and your team can enjoy it together!

Who can create teams?

Anyone! We invite companies, organizations, neighbors and clubs to gather their colleagues, family and friends.  A team should have at least ten people; there is no limit to the team size.

How do I sign up as part of a team?

Once a team has been established pick a team name.  Each team member can register for the race on their own  paper form or online; just include your “team name” and “team captain” on your registration.

What does it cost?

There are no additional fees for registering as a team.  Each individual is responsible for her registration fee. Team members receive a $5.00 discount!


Can we make our own shirts?

We highly encourage you to dress alike or wear a fun accessory so your team members are recognizable … However, if you decide to create your own shirt, the Girls on the Run logo may not be used as it is copyrighted and the property of Girls on the Run.